Vaporizers Will Save Your Life

It is very important to know the facts about vaporizers. Very little people know that weed vaporizers will save your life. The facts are overwhelming of all the benefits that are present that a vaporizer can do. While it reduces damage to your respiratory system, it also produces 85% more potency from the botanical and saves money by reducing the amount of herbs being used. The fact is, vaporizers are extremely important to use. Just know that this is an investment to save your life. You shouldn’t look at the price of a unit like it is to expensive. That vaporizer that might be to expensive for you will pay itself back within a few months because you save 8.5 grams per ounce which comes out to be $125.50 of savings you will get back by using it everyday. You’ll also notice that you won’t visit the Doctor as much as you use to cause you’re going to experience clean, pure and highly potent hits without any type of toxins and carcinogens.

Effects Of Marijuana

There’s 3 species of marijuana; Indica, Sativa and ruderalis — most strains are crossbreed and work for different causes. Sativa is more of an upper and is good to energize you, keep you focus and increased concentration. Studies show that using the Sativa strand reduces chronic pain by over 34% which is a better alternative than using or abusing opiates. Sativa is a perfect strand for people undergoing opiate addiction. Indica is a more of relaxed type of strain, it is perfect for sleep promotion, relaxation and calms your nerves as well as relieve depression symptoms. Ruderalis is a small plant and fast growing. The THC content is extremely low and the flowers are very small. Ruderalis is very rare bread and isn’t common in dispensaries, the effects are very minimal you might get a head buzz but this strand isn’t important for you. In Marijuana, the increase of carbon-monoxide is over 5 times stronger than tobacco when you smoke cannabis. This is why vaporizers come into play. weed vaporizers completely eliminates the carcinogens and toxins that damage your respiratory system.

Marijuana Vaporizers

There are over 483 known chemicals in the marijuana plant. When you use a weed vaporizer, you’re eliminating 95% of the carcinogens and chemicals. The other 5% are the known cannabinoids which is isolated from the plant. THC doesn’t vaporize until the boiling point of 315 °F, CBN requires a higher vape temperature of 365 °F and CBD requires 320–356 °F which the range is present because of the different levels of moisture that will alter the temperature to go to a higher setting if there’s moisture present.

Vaporizer Growth

It is very important to know the facts about the vaporizer industry. It is growing very fast up from $3.5 Billion to now $5.6 Billion dollar industry. The growth is tremendous and it is the reason why so many people are getting into the industry to make the loot. This proves vaporizers are a very beneficial device. The amount of money you save, the health factors is the reason why so many people are buying vaporizers.

Vaporizer Benefits

Lets review the Vaporizer Benefits. There are so many to write about cause weed vapes do a really good job to help the user medicate properly without risks of serious respiratory damage.

  • Vaporizers increase the potency of over 85%. When you combust your marijuana, you immediately burn away 30% of the active ingredient THC which essentially wastes the product.
  • Vaporizers eliminate 95% of all carcinogens. There are 483 different chemicals in marijuana, smoking increases the damage by over 5 times the amount compared to smoking tobacco.
  • You will save 7-8.5 grams per ounce by using a vaporizer. If you pay $15 a gram, you’re saving $125.50 an ounce since you save 8 grams per ounce which will add up over time. Within a couple months, the vaporizer will pay itself back.
  • Portable and Pen vaporizers are discreet, You can take them out in public without drawing suspicion.
  • Vaporizers eliminate odors. When you exhale, you’ll have minimal smell as it’ll dissipate almost instantly as soon as you exhale.
  • You can vaporize oils, waxes and herbs with a vaporizer. There’s even vaporizers that can do it all.
  • Vaporizers are built with technology – You can practically use a vaporizer with anything now as there’s blue-tooth powered vaporizers, even solar powered vaporizers and smart vaporizer technology. Conduction, convection, titanium technology.

There are different types and styles you can choose from that will benefit you greatly since everyone has different moods of how they want to vape. So many manufacturers are making all-in-one vaporizers that can do everything kinda like the Herbalizer which is the most expensive vaporizer in the world at $729. The types of vaporizers out there are portable, desktop and pen vaporizers. The styles out there are Whip-style, Balloon Bag styles and handheld styles.

Portable Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers are in high demand and keep growing with new technology and new features we haven’t seen before. The point in a portable vaporizer is to make it discreet from the general public, while giving you the vape strength of almost a desktop vaporizer which utilizes battery power to last longer and give you higher temperature settings not present in a pen vaporizer. Portable vaporizers such as the Haze Vaporizer features dual vaporization technology to where you can vape both wax concentrates simultaneously. Then there are bluetooth vaporizers like the Mighty vaporizer where you can power your unit with your smart-phone and control the temperature level as well as monitor the battery life.

Pen Vaporizers

Pen vaporizers most commonly called Vape Pens are the fastest growing type of vaporizer. These vape pens are made for discreet use and to fit snug in your pocket to make traveling much easier and to offer discreet use out in public. There are many types of vape pens, there’s vape pens the simply do herbs that vaporize with purity and easy use while on the go. Vape pens such as the Atmos Boss is one of the best rated and best working combustion-free vaporizer. With anodized heating which is the best type of heating element for a vape pen because of the fact the herbs never touch the heating element. Instead, the herbs are directly above in its own ceramic chamber where turbulent air-flow chambers guide the air to expand the heat at a greater rate to make the heating more effective when you inhale. Oil Pen Vaporizers are becoming very popular amongst tobacco users. On average, you will save $3000 or more per year cutting down on cigarettes. From a pack a day to a pack a week is the average reduction you’ll save. Buying a box mod and a top mods would be your solution to an effective oil vaporizer. Mods like the MVP 2.0 is a perfect example of an effective box mod. You’d use a top mod with it such as the Kanger which is a oil tank mod that uses dual coils to vape your e-juice. The reason why the MVP is so effective is it has over 2600mAH of battery life, variable voltage and wattage adjustment, ohm monitor as well as a hit counter. The fact that it can act as a portable battery backup to charge your cell phone makes it an eye catching and very popular/handy mod to own. It is one of the more popular mods to buy online. The wax pens are also a very popular type of vaporizer perfect for dabbing wax concentrates as well as hash oil concentrates. Popular dabbing pens such as the Dr Dabber Ghost is an award winning pen vaporizer with titanium technology that utilizes a glass globe attachment as well as a wax atomizer with a silica wick made of high quality and titanium coil wrapped tightly around it. These pens are perfect for anyone looking to vaporize their concentrates and the pen uses low heat settings to effectively vape the concentrate so you won’t experience any type of burning while vaping.

Desktop Vaporizers

Desktop vaporizers are a popular device for enthusiasts to relax at home with a powerful device. These devices are bigger than portable and pen vaporizers but are also more powerful, more precise and include more technology as well. Desktop vaporizers use a cord to plug into a power outlet. Can cost a lot of money ranging from $50 – $729 which would be the Herbalizer. A more popular unit like the Volcano Vaporizer is a popular desktop model that uses balloon bags to store vapor that users use a valve to release vapor which you can store in the balloon up to 8 hours. There are whip style vaporizers and a more popular one that most people can afford that costs only $69 is the Easy Vape Digital Vaporizer. Most people own a desktop model to go with their portable or pen model once they get into vaping and learn how effective a vaporizer is.

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When you go shopping for a new vaporizer, make sure you read a lot of reviews about a company before you purchase. Never purchase something off a 3rd party marketplace like eBay. 90% of vaporizers are scams on these sites because none of the manufacturers offer any type of warranty for 3rd party bought devices. You only should shop at a trusted vaporizer store online and finding a vaporizer store like is fairly simple.

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